Control technology

Sequence controller C10 / C15

For handheld and fixtured screwdriving technology

While the C10 is a pure feed control for the pneumatic handheld screwdriver HSP, the model C15 can be used not only to control handheld screwdriving systems, but to a limited extent also for fixtured screwdriving systems. Both its depth and torque shut-off via torque coupling (electrically detected) are possible here. The model C15 also has an open customer interface.

Sequence controller C15 WEBER
3D Preview 2D Preview
C10S for pneumatic handheld screwdriving systems
C15S for simple screwdriving systems
Integrated sorter vibration control
LCD display with text display and password protection
Line display available
C15 Application WEBER

The interface on model C15 can be used by the customer as an output (IO, standby), or for data inputs (ready, start). This is used to provide fixtured screwdrivers with spindle functionality and optional head stroke. A text line display allows visualization of the processes.

  • Simple screwdriving applications
  • Sequence control
  • Digital interface (C15S)
  • Compatible with ZEB feeder and handheld screwdriver type HSP (C10S)
  • Compatible with ZEB / ZEL feeders and handheld screwdrivers type HET / HSE (C15S)
  • Customer interface with inputs and outputs (C15S)
  • Depth shut-off and torque shut-off (C15S)
  • Optional emergency stop & screw presence (C15S)
Control systems C10 WEBER CAD

Technical data Sequence controller C10 / C15

C10S / C15S
Feeder vibration control Frequency and amplitude adjustable
Supply 230 V, Type: IEC connection with L, N, PE, 230 V ± 10% / 50 – 60 Hz
Supply (optional) 115 V Type: connection with L, N, PE, 115 V ± 10% / 50 – 60 Hz
Power input < 115 Watt
E-safety class Safety class 1 (L, N, PE)
Weight 2,8 kg
Dimensions 178 / 92 / 192 mm (H / W / D, without plug)
Safety class IP30
Technical changes reserved. Technical changes reserved.
Pictures Sequence controller C10 / C15


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