The WEBER Group

WEBER is a firm which operates worldwide while still retaining strong roots in the Upper Bavarian town of Wolfratshausen. With production facilities and sales offices in Germany, France, the United States, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic and China, WEBER is a global player.

This international focus is both an opportunity and responsibility for WEBER at the same time – an opportunity because WEBER has a presence on every continent and in every major industrial nation, meaning that we are never far away from existing customers (or new ones), and a responsibility because we see this proximity in some way as a guarantee of optimum assembly conditions for our customers.

The figures are impressive

particularly for a mid-sized family business: 270 employees at the headquarters in Wolfratshausen, with a total of 400 staff worldwide developing, manufacturing and selling first class screwdriving automation products from an overall 6,500 m2 of office and factory space. As a result, more than 1,000 machines and systems leave our production facilities every year.