Feeding systems

Bowl feeder ZEB

Abrasion-resistant surfaces

The bowl feeder ZEB is suitable for sorting, buffering and transport of various small parts and fasteners. Screws, nuts, pins, washers, caps and special elements are fed gently from the hopper to the screwdriving spindle thanks to abrasion-resistant surfaces of the feeder. A noise-insulated vibration mechanism provides for the propulsion. In addition, the noise emissions can further be reduced through a sound enclosure cover.

Feeding technology ZEB WEBER
3D Preview 2D Preview
Conveying small screws
Robust system even for difficult environments
High output volume (cycle time as fast as 0.8 seconds)
Vibration technology for sorting and conveying
Optional equipment

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The ZEB can easily be deployed at various locations. Level sensors, a presence control, and position indicators are optionally available. The belt bunker is also available as an accessory and extends the refill intervals of the fasteners to be fed.

Fasteners storage container
Drive for bowl feeder
Escapement unit
  • Abrasion-resistant material for durable operations
  • Special coating protects the transported material and reduces noise emission
  • Ideal for long screws, thin washers, head-heavy screws
  • Universally applicable for fasteners of all types
  • Vibration technology for sorting and conveying
Feeding systems Bowl feeder ZEB WEBER

Technical data Bowl feeder ZEB

Series ZEB120 ZEB240 ZEB360
A Width [mm] 480 I 497 w. SDH* 480 I 497 w. SDH* 640 I 650 w. SDH*
B Depth [mm] 340 | 353 w. SDH* 340 | 353 w. SDH* 536 | 547 w. SDH*
C Height [mm] 456 | 463 w. SDH* 456 | 463 w. SDH* 602 | 607 w. SDH*
Weight [kg] 25 w. SDH* 54 w. SDH* 80 w. SDH*
Fill volume [ltr .] 0,3 1,2 3,8
Fill weight [kg] 1,2 5,0 17,0
D Height to bowl [mm] 290 300 360
E Height to FSK** [mm] 305 382 440
Head-Ø [mm] 2,0 – 4,0 2,5 – 12,5 6,0 – 24,0
Thread M1 – M2 M2 – M6 M4 – M14
Total length [mm] ≤ 22 ≤ 48 ≤ 73
Across corner [mm] ≤ 12,5 ≤ 20
Thread ≤ M8 ≤ M10
Height [mm] ≤ 9,5 ≤ 9,5
Pin-Ø [mm] ≤8 ≤ 16
Length [mm] ≤ 50 ≤ 80
*SDH =sound enclosure cover, **FSK = feeder level control Technical changes reserved.
Pictures Bowl feeder ZEB


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