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Smooth and clean, always quiet

Material-efficient feeding and fastening technology
guarantees high process safety


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Fixtured screwdriving technology – extremely adaptable

Through modular structure and flexible drive concepts
to a high-end product


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Handheld Screwdriving – absolutely ergonomic

Easy operations through low complexity
and high performance


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Screwdriving systems – unlimited reliability

Process safety in screwdriving, with low cycle times
– also for hard-to-reach screwdriving locations



Sequence controller CU30

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SEB Screwdriving Spindle

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Bowl Feeder ZEB

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Process Controller C30S

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In principle it’s very simple.

The “WEBER Principle” means fitting plus fully automatic feeding. Both our compact and powerful handheld screwdrivers and our widely configurable stationary screwdriving systems follow this principle. The automation of screwdriving processes has only one goal – to make assembly tasks quick, cost-efficient and reliable to contribute significantly to cost optimisation for the customer. The successful WEBER Principle consistently follows this strategy and ensures the economic success of our customers.

Everything in business is negotiable —
except quality.

This could be a direct quote from us. Because for nearly six decades, WEBER has set standards in the development and manufacture of automatic handheld screwdrivers and stationary screwdriving systems. Worldwide, more than 340 employees ensure that this will continue to be the case in the future. It’s a promise.

The automation of screwdriving processes in assembly are complex. It is about finding solutions that meet diverse standards and parameters. WEBER sees itself as a systems specialist. The company not just develops handheld and stationary screwdriving systems, but synchronized systems that enable the desired increase in efficiency.



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Technology That Connects

A philosophy is concealed behind this term that unites innovations, customer orientation and business success quite naturally with corporate culture and acceptance of responsibility for staff and geography.

Impressive technology – developed by us!

WEBER is the competent partner when you are dealing with screw, rivet or insertion applications. Our machines are designed for industrial quantity production. We emphasize individual consultation and comprehensive service to be able to offer customized solutions at all times.

The continued development and integration of results from applied research form, more than ever before, a significant element for the long-term health of an innovative company. The inventiveness and creativity of our developers and the courage to seek and follow new solution paths are the basis for lasting success during cooperation with our customers.

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