Fixtured screwdriving systems

Fixtured screwdriver SEV

Fixtured screwdriving technology for hard to reach screwdriving locations

The fixtured screwdriver SEV allows process-reliable fittings at hard-to-reach locations. The closed design and wear-resistant surfaces ensure exceptionally long service lives and extended maintenance intervals even in dry running without oil. The SEV is available with pneumatic drive or EC motor.

Fixtured screwdriver SEV with vacuum WEBER
3D Preview 2D Preview
With automatic feeding system for screws and pins
For interference contours up to 150 mm
Access to even recessed and hard-to-reach screwdriving locations
Swivel arm principle: Feeding during screwdriving
Customer-provided drives

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The open system of the fixtured automatic screwdriving system SEV allows you to integrate customer-provided drives. This makes it easy to integrate the SEV in existing assembly lines with existing drives and controllers. Subsequent conversion to WEBER components is possible at any time.

Vacuum bit for fixing the screws during feeding
Swivel arm for short cycle times
Vacuum module
  • Screwdriving spindle with vacuum technology that allows access to even recessed and hard-to-reach screwdriving locations
  • Automatic feed system
  • Versatile through modular design
  • Pneumatic or electric drive
Fixtured screwdriver SEV WEBER

Technical data Fixtured screwdriver SEV

Models 03 10 30 60 120
Torque range (Nm) 0,3 – 3 1 – 10 3 – 30 6 – 60 12 – 120
Maximum rotation speed (rpm) 2.500 2.500 1.500 1.500 300
Head diameter (mm) 6,5 – 11 6,5 – 13 9- 24 9 – 24 9 – 24
Weight (kg) from 5 from 7 from 9 from 11 approx. 16
Bit stroke – intern (mm) 70 | 90 | 120 | 190 70 | 90 | 120 | 190 120 | 160 | 200 120 | 160 | 200 160 | 200


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