Handheld Screwdriver

Handheld screwdriver HSE

Electric handheld screwdriver with automatic feed system

The handheld screwdrivers of the compact and lightweight HSE series are characterized by their application and version diversity. On systems with electric drive, the results of the assembly processes can be displayed on a touch screen and output via an interface. The drive concept allows the integration of various drives and controllers.

Handheld screwdriver HSE WEBER CAD
3D Preview 2D Preview
For complex screwdriving applications
Screwdriving possible horizontally and vertically
With display panel
Automatic feed system
Extendable with display panel

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If the handheld screwdriver HSE is equipped with an electric drive, the results of the assembly processes can be displayed, for example, by the screwdriving process controller C30S on a touch screen and output via an interface. The HSE provides for fatigue-free working and has quick-release locks for tool-free bit change.

Swivel arm for short cycle times
Quick-release locking for tool-free bit changes
Integrated bit stroke for ergonomical working
  • With automatic bit stroke for user assisted application
  • For standard applications with easily accessible screw locations
  • With adjustable bit lock stroke for ease of fi nding the screwdriving location
  • For applications with high process repeatabililty requirements where a direct measuring system is mandatory
  • With vacuum technology option for recessed screwdriving locations (model HSE-V)
  • With magnetic extension screwdriving tool option for slightly recessed screwdriving locations
  • Suitable for automatic feeding
Handheld screwdriver HSE Application WEBER

Technical data of the handheld screwdriver HSE

Models 03 10
Torque range (Nm) 0,2 – 3 1 – 10
Maximum rotation speed (rpm) 2.500 1.500
Head diameter (mm) 3 – 15 3 – 15
Weight (kg) approx. 1,8 approx. 2,5
Over all length (mm) approx. 464 approx. 480 – 580
Pictures of the handheld screwdriver HSE


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