WEBER relies on electromobility: More Sonnenwagen

Press information 03-2017 dated 7/21/2017

Wolfratshausen – the mobility concepts of the future are based on emission-free electrical drives in particular. WEBER Schraubautomaten GmbH – market leader in screwdriving and joining technology with fully automated feeding – has been working with this technology for some time. There are new challenges for the developers at WEBER, in particular in the assembly of high-voltage batteries, – for example, safety during the connection of live parts.

As a technology and competency center for automated screwdriving and connection technology, WEBER also supports the development of electromobility as a future-oriented mobility concept. In this context, a cooperation agreement between the Wolfratshausen company and “Team Sonnenwagen” of the University of Aachen was concluded.

Students of the university are working intensively on a car powered exclusively with solar energy; they aim to prove that this type of drive is already common and is setting benchmarks with regard to light construction, aerodynamics and driving concepts. Once they have finished their development work, the team plans to enter their “Sonnenwagen” [sun wagon] in the World Solar Challenge – a long-haul regularity race for electro cars in Australia.

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