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Press information 01-2017 dated 5/24/2017

Wolfratshausen – how can new markets be identified and developed in good time? Which regional particularities must be considered in the international distribution business? Which resources must be made available in the medium-term to provide top-quality, timely service? These are questions which the 22 participants of the sales meetings at WEBER wanted to answer.

In mid-May, WEBER employees from France, Spain, Italy, China, Chechnya, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Germany met at the WEBER headquarters in Wolfratshausen to exchange their experiences and develop perspectives for the future.

The focus during this meeting was the situation in Europe: Great Britain’s exit from the EU, ailing national economies in Southern Europe and politically unstable systems on the borders of Europe – sufficient material for three days of concentrated work. All the sales experts were certain of one thing at the end of these talks: WEBER is well prepared for the economic challenges in Europe and beyond. Thanks to its top-quality, broad product portfolio and uncontested innovation strength, the specialist from Wolfratshausen will also determine the direction of the market in the next few years.

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