HRC Screwdriving System for Human Robot Collaboration

Fully collaborative automatic screwdriver, thanks to the safety concept

When humans and robots work together in one workspace and effectively without fencing, the highest level of a HRC application is achieved. The design and function of the WEBER HRC Screwdriving System ensure that the most complex variant of Human Robot Collaboration can be realized in accordance with ISO TS 15066. The safety concept of the HRC Screwdriver SEV-C makes the fully collaborative assembly process possible. Moreover, the automatic feeding of the fasteners creates a highly economical workplace.

HRC capable screwdriver: built for lightweight robots (cobot)

The use of cobots is made possible by the low weight of the WEBER HRC Screwdriving Systems. Screwdriving applications can be implemented using a fully automatic SEV-C and SEV-L screwdriving system with feed. The SEV-C is the logical solution for the screwdriving and joining technology of the future, and even today it provides answers to the requirements for precision, safety and weight reduction.

Screwdriving System For Human Robot Collaboration HRC