WEBER defies the coronavirus crisis

Press information 01-2021 dated 17/05/2021
Entirely positive result for business year 2020/2021 | Turnover and return stable at high levels | No short work at German company despite pandemic
WEBER defies the coronavirus crisis

Wolfratshausen – WEBER Schraubautomaten GmbH in Wolfratshausen (Bavaria) has given an entirely positive assessment of the business year 2020/2021. As of March 31, the medium-sized family-run company was able to present convincing results for order intake, turnover, and revenue. This shows that the market leader, for machines and systems for automating screwdriving and fastening processes, is defying the worldwide crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic and can take an optimistic outlook for the future.

The rapid spread of the coronavirus from February 2020 also presented large parts of the economy with massive challenges: There were fears of international supply chains being interrupted, employees being absent for extended periods due to infection or sales markets collapsing from a lack of demand.

“Today, around one year after the first coronavirus case became known in Germany, WEBER can announce excellent results. Thanks to our own stable economic performance, forward-looking and careful actions regarding our staff and the very robust condition of the automation industry, we have succeeded in confidently guiding our company through this crisis and in securing the best opportunities for the coming months,” explains Karl Bujnowski, Managing Director at WEBER. The company made it through these extremely difficult economic months without any short-time work. Order intake, turnover and revenue at WEBER were maintained at the high level of the previous year – new system solutions and projects were initiated and implemented. “Among other things, our company had established sufficient storage capacities to ensure that production could continue if the supply chains were interrupted. Fortunately, though, these supply chains proved to be stable and reliable,” explains Bujnowski.

The new build and extension at the Wolfratshausen headquarters continued as planned during the coronavirus pandemic. All employees have now moved into the new spaces and the new building is in use. The outdoor facilities will be completed by this summer. All this allowed the company’s customers to be still be supplied with machines and systems from WEBER with the high quality our customers expect. Bujnowski: “This closes the circle. When we can supply our customers as usual and commission their new automation systems as agreed, then that secures jobs and the downstream industries can work reliably. Overall we can draw the conclusion that WEBER has proven to be extremely resilient.” At the end of the business year 2020/2021, WEBER Schraubautomaten GmbH in Wolfratshausen had 290 employees. The turnover was around 60 million euros. This makes WEBER Schraubautomaten GmbH one of the top-performing suppliers of screwdriving machines and systems. Moreover, the market for these applications continues to grow: A great number of companies will continue to invest in making their assembly process more efficient and purchase automatic or semi-automatic screwdriving machines. Bujnowski: “The power of innovation at WEBER is one of the key reasons why we were able to supply our products and solutions to dynamic industries such as electromobility or lightweight robotics in recent months. Despite the continuing threat of the pandemic, WEBER is in an excellent position for future challenges.”

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