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New step conveyor
- ZSL 151


Automatic Weber screwdriving systems ensure tough body assembly for Audi TT.

The latest RSF automatic screwdriving systems, developed and manufactured by Weber, are playing an important role on the new Audi TT production line in Ingolstadt, Germany. In particular, the RSF systems are being used as part of an innovative method of fixing vehicle body panels, using flow drill screws rather than rivets or welding, that enables tough joints to be achieved faster and more efficiently, without affecting the strength or long term integrity of the vehicle.

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New control technology from Weber boosts performance of automated screwdriving systems

A new and innovative control system for use with Weber automatic screwdriving equipment, developed for a wide range of robotic and automated production lines, has been launched by Weber. Called the C50S, the new technology gives line engineers complete control of all screwdriving parameters, with the ability to create an almost infinite variety of programs incorporating a wide range of key operating characteristics including torque, insertion speed and time, and angle and depth of insertion.

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Automated screwdriving now more accessible with Weber LCM4

Weber has launched a new low cost manual hand screwdriver with automatic feeding, designed to offer an accessible method of achieving increased production levels
in a wide range of industrial applications. The LCM4 incorporates a number of proven Weber
features to provide a fast, reliable and precise method of inserting screws.

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Weber apply a Quality Management System
for Sales, Development and Manufacture of Automatic Screwdriving Systems.

Our recent ISO9001 2000, awarded by the TUV organisation ensures that our customers receive the best machines available.

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New Weber Step-Conveyor

The latest Step-conveyor uses a simple process flow, with components being filled into the bowl as bulk material. A stroke step transfers the parts to the exit track, where the parts are aligned on this linear conveyor, then selected by an escapement and fed to the screwdriving unit.

Features include:

  • Stainless steel bowl and slider.
  • Dirt is kept to a minimum.
  • Ideal for parts with coatings, paint finishes or delicate surfaces.
  • High output (e.g. 5,000 parts/hour for a M4x30 screw).
  • Low vibration exit track, minimal vibration, low noise level.
  • Suitable for screws, bolts, nuts, etc.
  • Integrated flexibly programmable - PLC and pneumatics govern screwdriving unit, feeding system and screwing process control.



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