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About us

Technology that connects - a philosophy is concealed behind this term that unites innovations, customer orientation and business success quite naturally with corporate culture and acceptance of responsibility for staff and geography.

Impressive technology - developed by us!


Weber is the competent partner when you are dealing with screw, rivet or insertion applications. Our machines are designed for industrial quantity production.

We emphasize individual consultation and comprehensive service to be able to offer customized solutions at all times.

The continued development and integration of results from applied research form, more than ever before, a significant element for the long-term health of an innovative company.

The inventiveness and creativity of our developers and the courage to seek and follow new solution paths are the basis for lasting success during cooperation with our customers.

As the industrial development partner, tasks arise from the ongoing projects that influence the production process throughout its industrial deployment. Conventional solutions are challenged, the use of new technologies examined and implemented where appropriate if they are suitable.

The Weber company guarantees that its customers throughout the world, active in all industrial nations, can rely fully on its services. A closely-knit network of specialists ensure consistent support.


"Share the values" and not "shareholder value" is the secret of our success. 50 years of Weber screwdriving machines are coined by quality, flexibility and solution orientation.

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