Weber Assemblages Automatiques S.A.R.L


Weber Assemblages Automatiques S.A.R.L. with 35 employees in total, the Weber Group's French subsidiary is one of the largest branches abroad. The company, which was originally founded in 1968 under the name of "Gedic", initially specialised in the construction of machines for wood screwing.

In 1978, "Weber Schraubautomaten" took over the company, which now has annual sales worth 6 million Euro and supplies all the major assembly specialists in France.

Contact: Mr. Fabrice Legon, Managing Director 

Weber Assemblages Automatiques S.A.R.L
la Chapelle du Puy - F 74410 Saint Jorioz

Tel +33 450 68 59 90
Fax +33 450 68 93 65